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What is success but a human need by nature, a need no different from that of food, water, and air. Developed with the earliest triumphs accomplished, a first word we say, early step we make, drawing our name with a pencil on a scrambled paper, tiny triumphs awarded by our mother’s loving hug, father’s proud smile, nurtured with every clap in a classroom a star on the forehead, the cheers of the crowds in a junior game…


As we grow, the need for success becomes a heartfelt goal; the hunger for achievement merges with the physical and the soul, they unite as one with no less importance to any.

WE are born to succeed, but what is success if it doesn’t reflect on the life of others, what would it mean if it’s not a moment you proudly share; you can never measure it by numbers, it’s of the course taken, the struggles the slips and falls, it’s who held your hand, said that magic word to get you on your feet again. It’s the outcome of all. How many times did we fall before we walked a pace, how many unclear words have we spoken before the first mama came out a sound and clear? Success is an unknown journey taken towards a well-seen goal.

With no scale to measure, success comes in fantastic limitless shapes, and changes us in ways completely unknown to us before, as such, we are shaped by success, just as much as we shape it.

Yours Truly,
MD. Lewaa Chaaban

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