Retail Sector

With more than 30 brands served over the years, HOLFORD had built it’s reputation in the retail sector by meeting it’s commitment to quality, reliability and timely response to our client’s needs.

We understand what it means to be in the Retail Business, we know the specifics and how details do really matter. Our teams are skilled and highly qualified, they are mobile carrying state-of-the-art tools in addition to all spare parts to make sure that the job is done, once, with high quality and on time. Your retail image is ours.

Residential Sector

Sleeping in a cooled room, no leakages, doors are closing, lights are on, pest-free, secured and the list can go much longer. We know what it means to be home. Our job is to make your house become your home which provides you with the rest and comfort at the end of a busy day and the start of a new one.

Corporate Sector

Important client meeting this week. I need the lights working, AC cooling, offices immaculate and security sharp.

At HOLFORD we understand what it means to make an impression. With our integrated facilities management services, you are able to view all your reports with a push of a button. Up-to-date maintenance information and a 24 hr service line to make sure everything is ready when you need it.

Education Sector

Another school year approaching. Children ready to learn and play, parents worried about Health and Safety.

Children need a comfortable, safe, healthy environment in order to stay focused and learn at the highest level. Parents need peace of mind that the school their kids are going to has taken all measures necessary to ensure quality, health, and safety. At HOLFORD we work closely with facility and staff to ensure that the equipment is running smoothly and classrooms, hallways, bathrooms are cleaned per international standards with safe, non-toxic chemicals.

Health Clubs

On my way to the gym, i got my shoes, towel and gear and a ready for a great workout.

As usual the gym maintenance team is there to make sure that the equipment is clean, bathrooms are functioning, air is cooling, and mirrors are spotless.

At HOLFORD our job is to make sure you focus on what is important to you. Let us take care of the rest.

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