Today marks our 4th Anniversary. Today we celebrate Team HOLFORD, we celebrate four years of a Customer Service Team conveying its mission in every call, mail and communication medium. A CMMS Team putting us at the front line in technology advancement. A Quality Team that never settles for anything less than perfection. An HR Team that leads and promotes our values at every chance they get. A Procurement Team that strives to continuously utilize resources that we simply can’t operate without. An Accounting Team that sees in figures an opportunity to keep us on the go, and an Operations Team that doesn’t differentiate their night from their day to deliver the commitment we promise. Today we Celebrate all of you!



Four years ago team HOLFORD was just a thought, rather a dream of change. A commitment to delivering value to an industry, a community, and overall a business. An idea that was nurtured by the sweat of a team of devoted people, lead by their perseverance and fueled by their flaming passion.

After four years, we proudly have a story to tell, a story of people who see in every obstacle, a chance to rise more, and in all challenges an opportunity of greater success. We, Team HOLFORD, tell a story of Values engraved in actions delivered with our hearts and souls.

We dream, we believe, we commit, we strive, we just don’t stop; We are always Team HOLFORD!

Happy Anniversary Team.

Yours Truly,
MD. Lewaa Chaaban

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