A vision, rather a dream got it all started into a clear destination through an unknown course, only the courageous could take the ride, pits and falls overtaken with hope for tomorrowderiving from strong faith in the future. Lots of passion, generated from hearts who know in their depth that this can be done. Unconditional dedication to a story about to be written in letters of triumph, and unshaken commitment to rooted beliefs in why we get to do it.

They gathered on set of values, put their hearts and souls on a road soon to reach them into the goal, fearless of failures, challenges and uncertainties. A dream team, eager to succeed, breaking all rules that hold many from achieving, YES, we have broken all virtual barriers with our perseverance and with no hesitation whatsoever. We didn’t just make it for 5 years, we strived, we sweat, we achieved, we dreamt bigger, we made it together a success story with pride. We Team Holford have made a dream become reality and more we One Team, have set a mark in the path of every dreamer.

With all this, along the way we have lost a loved one, we met people that soon we had to get apart from, Yet we welcomed new dreamers, celebrated marriages, newborns and many birthdays, we have lived each other’s sorrows, disappointments, hopes, and happiness, we together dared, defied and achieved, simply we became the one Dream, the one Team.

Today we celebrate this milestone, our 5 years anniversary, with open eyes on the future, trusting our abilities, more eager to learn and develop while building for bigger opportunities. Today we celebrate our everlasting commitment to the people and their diversity from all ethnics and cultures who made HOLFORD a colorful pleasant haven to all. Foremost, today we celebrate the Women at HOLFORD for their ultimate contribution putting their passion, care and exceptional capacities for our progress.

TEAM HOFLORD, I salute you, you have been the inspiration all the way, you made us stronger, more resilient, and above all you nurture our eager for winning. You are the Team anyone would wish for. In this day, We pledge to continue delivering on our promise, this is our commitment to ourselves, our clients and all stakeholders. We will be challenged, we’ll face the indefinite, true, but we will succeed again as we always did, we’ll just resume enjoying our ride.

Happy 5th anniversary TEAM, looking forward for many more years to come having you alongside!

Yours Truly,
MD. Lewaa Chaaban

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