HOLFORD is an integrated provider of facilities management services that utilizes an advanced network of experts, partners, alliances and preferred suppliers that leads to actionable insights and measureable results to improve our client’s competitive advantage and provide an exceptional experience.


At HOLFORD Facilities Management  we strive to deliver an all-inclusive platform of integrated facilities management services to our clients. This will simplify the management of the facilities and the assets within each. HOLFORD covers  all services related to building maintenance, Soft Services, Environmental Services and Exclusive Value-added Services.

Our highly skilled team is dedicated to keep your facilities operating efficiently and safely at all times with tailor-made packages that meet your budget. With a single point of contact, HOLFORD provides a wide range of services that cover all facilities’ requirements.


Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services
Our building maintenance services focus on the detail. We make sure your facilities are maintained to the highest standards.
This focus is highlighted by the necessity of preventative and predictive maintenance to increase the long term value of the Asset and ensuring that the customer understands the long term interest.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC) | Electrical Power Systems | Lighting Systems | Low Current Systems | Plumbing Systems | Building Fabric Maintenance | Fire and life Safety Systems | Security and CCTV Systems | Access Control Systems | Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems | UPS Systems | Emergency Generation | Audio/ Video Systems | IT systems

Predictable operating costs and budgets | Enhance Occupant satisfaction | Improved efficiency | savings in labor and productivity | Increased equipment reliability

Preventative Maintenance – Planned Periodic Works | Predictive Maintenance – Planned in-depth intervention, replacement of aging components and equipment when needed | Reactive Maintenance – All breakdowns and defects reported | Corrective Maintenance – defects identified through PPM, PDM, or Site Surveys | Additional Works – Out of scope – New Installations, Renovations, Reinstatements, Total Replacements

Extending the Life cycle of equipment | Decreasing the need for capital replacement | Enhance the performance of equipment | Decrease unplanned maintenance incidents | Create uninterrupted and Safe work environment | Reduce the consumption of energy

Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services
For clients seeking premium cleaning services, we look through the lens of your customers and people to focus on how our cleaning services can positively impact the customer experience and the people within your business. HOLFORD delivers a quality service with a strong cultural fit, which enhances your facility, drives value and enables your business to perform at its best.

Residential Cleaning Service

General Home Cleaning | Floor Cleaning Service | Carpet | Hardwood | Tiles and Special Surfaces | Drain, Dryer Vents, Etc.

Office Cleaning

Interior Cleaning | Exterior Cleaning | Washroom Services | Mat Services | Waste Handling | Steward Services

Commercial Cleaning

Office Cleaning | Building Cleaning | Health Care Cleaning | Industrial Cleaning | Fashion and Accessories Retail Cleaning | Food & Beverage Cleaning  | Pressure Cleaning/Parking Lot

Specialized Cleaning

Cleaning of Fixtures and Installations | Duct and HVAC Cleaning | Height Cleaning | Façade and Signage Cleaning | Car Detailing Service | Pool Cleaning Service | Carpet cleaning services

Cleaning Methodology

There’s only one way to ensure thoroughness in any contract cleaning operation, and that is to be methodical. The alternative – a haphazard, ad-hoc sort of arrangement – leads to items being overlooked and tasks being ignored, and it doesn’t take too long before the whole object of cleaning is defeated. HOLFORD’s attention to detail is what we are most renowned for in the industry.

Operation methodology

Our services ensure a Single Point of Contact for all your facility needs.

This in turn enhances your employee efficiency by allowing them to concentrate on your core business.

Our Teams are structured with Dedicated Functions that results in:

Focused attention to each activity | Independent decision making (Non-Centralized)  | Detail-oriented Management | Cost Center realization and Budget optimization |Effective team leadership and greater efficient results

Soft Services

Soft Services

We know how much thought, effort and money you invest in your workspace, so it’s essential that our soft services are visibly proactive and are designed to create an environment, which reflects the highest standards.

With  vast knowledge and experience of delivering various soft services within premium corporate environments, we design our services to reflect your needs.

Security  | Concierge | Pest Control | Landscaping | Water Sampling and Tank Cleaning | 24/7 Help Desk

Technical Audit

Technical Audit Service

Thermal imaging is a method of improving visibility of objects in a dark environment by detecting the objects’ infrared radiation and creating an image based on that information

HOLFORD uses thermal cameras to locate and repair hot spots anywhere in the electrical system from receptacles to breakers in your panels, additionally other systems such as Fan Coil Units are inspected to detect any leak in cooling or blockage in circulation. We are able to show our clients potential areas that can and probably cause failure or worse. With thermal imaging audits, we are able to analyze the current condition of the equipment while it’s fully operational. With the information collected, further action is taken based on the results detected.

PAT Testing 

Portable Appliance Testing is an effective process of inspecting and testing electrical equipment and maintaining maintenance records to ensure compliance with various legal Acts, Regulations and Insurance requirements.

Portable Appliance Testing or as it is more commonly known as “PAT” testing, involves a process of periodically inspecting and testing of electrical equipment or appliances to ensure they are safe for use.

Firstly all appliances will receive a formal visual inspection to ensure both the flexible cable and the appliance are free from wear and tear, damage, signs of burning, plug tops are also opened to ensure correct wiring, correct fuse rating and again free from damage or signs of overheating.

Providing the appliance successfully passes the formal visual inspection, the appliance will then be subjected to a series of electrical tests depending on its classification; all testing will be performed by a PAT tester with a valid calibration certificate.

Enviromental Services

Environmental Services

At HOLFORD, we recognize that environmental impacts are fundamental to the future health and wellbeing of those who are involved in our business, the greater community and our planet.  Thus we are committed to reducing the environmental impacts caused by our operations as we provide a comprehensive range of environmental services including but not limited to sustainability planning, energy management, waste management, recycling services and others.

Energy Assessment | Design and Installation | Thermostatic control | LED lighting | Solar PV and | Efficient Innovative Cooling | Waste Management | Air Quality Tests | Risk Assessment and Impact Analysis Services

Added-Value Services

Added-value Services

As an integrated facilities management provider, we have the flexibility to provide premium services, tailored to fit your specific working environment and corporate culture. The way we do things at HOLFORD is different. We focus on achieving and creating a memorable customer service agreement.

Our facilities management services are focused on enhancing your corporate workspace. Whether you decide on a total facilities management service, bundled or standalone facilities services, we design a service that is visibly different, enhancing your business processes and productivity.

Technical Conditional Survey | Asset Management | Technical Consultancy | Fit-out works (Upgrades and Renovation Projects) | End of Lease Reinstatement

We deliver our services with precision, care and based on thorough understanding of your needs. Our Team of professionals will leave you with a great experience.Lewaa Chaaban MD

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