Our CEO’s Message

At its core, Holford’s mission tells a story of a differentiated value proposition. Not simply delivering services but providing outcomes to clients and focusing on how we support their purpose. Further, it is a mission built on the empowerment of our people giving them the lead to deliver an exceptional client experience through an approach rooted in our values and attitude, supported by robust processes and tools. These factors form the foundation of our value proposition at the center of which is our self-delivery model.

Our people are the true source of our competitive advantage, and the key driver to our ability to deliver on our value proposition lies in every interaction between our people and our clients. It is our fundamental belief that great service moments can be achieved by the right combination of people with a common purpose and the right attitude, who are: inspired and supported by the right leadership; equipped with the right skills and tools to perform; and engaged and empowered to create memorable service moments.

At Holford, we believe that excellence in the service sector requires agility, relevance, and dynamism, our strategy is developed to make us prepared and equipped to encounter all emerging service models within any given setting. Service excellence is about quality, timeliness, and consistency while interacting with even more diverse groups, each with their own different needs, excellence represents a seamless, hassle-free experience as well as effectively handling a problem.

Our significant driver is the service touchpoint, we focus our service towards designing our service delivery in a more user-centric fashion and organize it for optimal business outcomes. A touch-point being any point of contact between our clients and teams, these service actors which include collaborating partners as well as our people, we ensure that both deliver an excellent service experience entails creating a sense of common purpose.

Service innovation is the future requirement for a people-driven digital transformation, combined with deep insights into the needs and wants of users with digital technologies to create new business value. At Holford, we focus on digitalization, innovation, and application of advanced technology to support our client’s business and ultimately their purpose.

Sustainability is the foundation of our growth and we aim to lead our industry by example. Wherever we operate, we aim to positively influence society, and this is particularly important given the regional scale we cover.

Our operating standards are closely related to the fundamentals of our company, on which we build a resilient business vision, mission, values, and strategy. These are complemented by our guidance framework of policies, standards, manuals, and procedures. Our approach to corporate responsibility is built on taking good care of our employees and the environment, as well as our clients. We ensure a healthy and safe work environment; driving a responsible supply chain; reducing our environmental footprint;

Our Clients, People, Culture, and the Systems we utilize are the driving force we have to continue achieving our objectives, we align these forces and integrate them in an innovative way to achieving synergy through well-designed service delivery tailor-made to fit each sector or client needs.



Founder & CEO

Lewaa Chaaban